Axum Obalisk

According to the Orthodox Church Axum is the holiest city of Ethiopia. The Original Ark of the Covenent is said to be in the area. It is also the place where Christianity was declared the national religion in the fourth century. The Ark is supposed to be somewhere in the grounds of the church St. Mary of Zion which was built in the 17th century. The museum at the church has a fine small collection of bibles, crosses and crowns. Close to the church is Axum's ancient stelae field the only remains of the city's past glory. Stelae are huge, carved pillars made from single blocks of granite. The highest of those still standing is 24 meters.

You can look at King Kaleb's Tomb if you take the short walk from the town. If you continue up the hill you come to Pentalewon Monastery which offers magnificent views. Women are not allowed into the monastery. Outside of the city are the ruins of Queen of Sheba's Palace which are considered to be over 1500 years old. Axum is served by plane from Addis Ababa and is some 500 kilometers north of the capital city.

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