Bahar Dar

Blue Nile Falls


Situated some 300 kms. baba the town of Bahar Dar can be reached by plane from Addis or by bus. The bus trip goes through the spectacular Blue Nile Gorge. Bahar Dar itself sits on the southern shore of the 3600 sq. km Lake Tana. While Bahar Dar has not a lot to offer, the surrounding area is quite spectacular. The Blue Nile Falls known locally as Tis Isat are about one hour by bus from Bahar Dar. The falls are some 400 meters wide and a spectacular 45 meters deep. Lake Tana is scattered with many islands. Many of these are home to monasteries. Most were built before the 16th century and some date back to the eleventh century.

Lake Tanna

The most popular of the monasteries are Ura Kidene Meret, Kebran Gabriel and Debre Maryam. The former two are not open to women.

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