Bale Mountains National Park


This 2200 sq km. national park protects the higher reaches of the Bale Range. The second highest peak of Ethiopia Mount Tullo Deemtu stands out at 4377 meters. There are many mammals and birds unique to Ethiopia in this park. The base for exploring the park is Dinsho and nearby are the headquarters of the Park authorities. Around the Parks headquarters there is a walking trail which takes a few hours but offers Bales' mountain nyala which is abundant in the area. One can normally see warthog, bohor reedbuck and guereza monkeys. From here you can, with the help of the authorities, arrange pony/horse trekking trips for one to five days. As one ventures further the wildlife becomes more varied. The Simien wolf hardly seen in the Simiens is seen more in the Bale area.

Fish Eagle

Golden jackal, klipspringer, molerat as well as guereza and velvet monkeys and olive baboon. Large predators such as lion, wild dog and leopard are rarely seen. It is also an area popular with bird watchers. There are fifteen endemic species here and one would hope to see some of them including perhaps the Blue winged geese, thick billed ravens, spot throated plovers and black headed siskins which are all quite well seen.

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